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The Palms. a '',Jest Side group, were Wilbur Williams (lead), Willie Young (tenor). M.C. Ward (bass), O.C. Perkins (second tenor). and Murrie Eskridge (first tenor and sometimes lead). They recorded two sessions, in February and April 1957, from which the company drew two sides for a lone single release on United—"Edna." a Latin-beat ballad, and "Teardrops." a pure pop number. On both sides, Williams's lead is smooth with only subdued vocal support; and this lack of vigorous doowopping probably prevented r&b play. At both sessions, the Palms were accompanied by the Lefty Bates band. We also include three a cappella auditions—"Knew I Had A Chance" and "Girl of Mine: plus a previously unheard deep bluesy ballad. "I Love To be With You," all solid rhythm and blues numbers.

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