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LARRY DARNELL Born in Columbus, Ohio, the late Larry Darnell was a mem-ber of the Brown Skinned Models, a singing and dancing troupe that was performing in New Orleans in 1949. Spotted by Frank
Painia, the owner of the Dew Drop Inn, Darnell was installed as a regular attraction at the club on La Salle Street. Painia rec-ommended Darnell to Paul Gayten who was looking for a replacement for Roy Brown as Syd Nathan now owned Brown's De Luxe contract. Regal would have great success with Darnell as the silky smooth vocalist placed four songs in the R&B charts between November 1949 and November 1950, including 'For You My Love' which made it to number one. A solid follow up to was 'Pack Your Rags And Go, ' a New York recording with Gayten's band, which Cashbox listed as a regional best seller in Kansas City, Miami, and Charlotte, North Carolina. 'Why Did You Say Goodbye' was one side of Darnell's last Regal release in 1951.

—JEFF HANNUSCH, NEW ORLEANS, JULY 2000 (author of I Hear You Knockin'• The Sound of New Orleans Rhythm and Blues and the forthcoming The Right Place: The New Orleans Beat)
Sources: Whiskey Woman and...#9 and #10 — A De luxe and Regal Feast! by Bill Daniels, Walkin' To New Orleans by John Broven, & I Hear You Knockin' by Jeff Hannusch

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I'll Get Along Somewhere (LP)
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