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Bobby Day

Rockin' Robin

Bobby Day

Rockin' Robin

We have already heard once from Bobby Day on this compilation as a member of the Hollywood Flames. Later that same year, he emerged as a solo artist on Class Records. Born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1930 (although he usually claimed 1932 or 1934), Robert James Byrd moved to Los Angeles in 1947, and began his performing career at Johnny Otis’ Barrelhouse Club. Surely the first rock ‘n’ roll record with a piccolo, Rockin’ Robin was one of those tunes that, once heard, followed you around, demanding 89 cents.

The co-writer of Rockin’ Robin, incidentally, is ‘Jimmie Thomas’ aka Class Records’ owner Leon Rene. The other side of the record, Over And Over, was just as good. It was just one of the 65 singles on 23 different labels that Bobby Day cut during the Fifties. As noted, Day wrote and recorded the original version of Little Bitty Pretty One, but Thurston Harris scooped him. With unimaginable effrontery, Harris then covered the flip-side of  Rockin’ Robin, the equally memorable Over And Over, but Day laughed last by promoting what had been his flip-side all the way to #2. That was 1958, which proved to be his career year, but sadly the last good year. Day temporarily relocated to Australia before settling in Florida.

Although his records were no longer selling, his songs were often revived, with Dave Clark taking Over And Over to the top in 1965, Michael Jackson taking Rockin' Robin to #2 in 1972, and the Jackson Five reaching the Top 20 with Little Bitty Pretty One in 1972.


Various - Blowing The Fuse 1958 - Classics That Rocked The Jukebox

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