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The Dead Milkmen, a Philadelphia-based punk band, were active from 1983-95. During this time they released eight studio albums, a handful of singles and some home-made cassettes. Its original members included Rodney Linderman aka 'Rodney Anonymous' and 'Amadeus Anonymous' on vocal and keyboards, Joe Genaro aka 'Joe Jack Talcum' on vocal, guitar and keyboards, and Dave Schulthise aka 'Dave Blood' on bass and vocals. Other members were Dean Sabatino aka 'Dave Clean' on drums and percussion and Garth on guitar and vocal.

Beach Party Vietnam, from their 'Eat Your Paisley' album, is typical of the group's irreverent, satirical lyrics. For those baby boomers who watched Annette [Funicello] and Frankie [Avalon] in a slew of American International Pictures—'Beach Party,' 'Muscle Beach Party,' 'Bikini Beach' and 'Beach Blanket Bingo' to name but four—the lines "Annette, she wants Frankie's ring/Frankie wants Annette's thing" was stating the unspoken wish of many a teenager. Had the song been turned into a movie, it could have joined the equally improbable 'Rambo' films as an expression of mid-'80s wishful thinking about the war.

Various - History Next Stop Is Vietnam 1961-2008 (13-CD)

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