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Levi Dexter: Pomp! (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJR3

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(Vinyl Japan) 11 Tracks, aufgenommen im Record Plant, Hollywood, USA!

24,95 € *

Levi Dexter: Roots Man (2014)
Art-Nr.: CDRBR5776

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(2014/Rhythm Bomb) 14 tracks, brandnew Album of Levi Dexter, who was very popular in the Rockabilly scene of the 80s and 90s together with the band the Rockcats! Dexter also is the husband of the Pin-up model Bernie Dexter who is  well-known in the today's...

14,50 € *

Levi Dexter: Pomp!
Art-Nr.: JRLP3

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(1992/Vinyl Japan) 11 Tracks, rares Album des Rockabilly Showman! Wenige Exemplare!

19,95 € *

Levi Dexter: All Through The Night (DVD)
Art-Nr.: DVDRAU006

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(2007/Raucous) Concert documentary through the years incl. interviews - color, Region Code free - English language!

Statt: 19,95 € * 9,98 € *

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