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Deke Dickerson: Number One Hit Record! - More Million Sellers (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDFLOAT6158

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(2012/SHOUT!) 32 tracks w. 12 page booklet. Rockin' Rollin' Highlight Set featuring special guests: Billy Zoom, Hadda Brooks, Joey D'Ambrosio, Carl Sonny Leyland, Larry Collins, Claude Trenier a.o.

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Deke Dickerson: More Million Sellers - Cut Out
Art-Nr.: CDHIGH8110

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West Coast retro entertainer extraordinaire, Deke Dickerson returns with this brand new CD. As with his first album, More Million Sellers continues to showcase Deke in a number of different settings - Rockabilly, hillbilly boogie, jump blues, country, andother...

Statt: 14,95 € * 9,95 € *

Deke Dickerson: Rhythm, Rhyme & Truth - Cut Out (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDHMG3013

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superb platter featuring the original Calvanes - rockin' highlight ! (2000/HIGHTONE) 15 tracks - last copies special price !

14,95 € *

Deke Dickerson & The Sex-Phonics: El Socarrat - The Train With The Rhumba Beat (7inch, 45rpm, PS)
Art-Nr.: 45SR124

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(2017/Sleazy) 2-Track Single - 45rpm and big center juke box hole! Surf instro legends meet Big Sandy and the Mexican Elvis El Vez!

10,95 € *

Deke Dickerson: The Melody
Art-Nr.: CDML002

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CD on MAJOR LABEL RECORDS by Deke Dickerson - The Melody

16,90 € *

Deke Dickerson & Friends: Vol.5, Deke's Guitar Geek Festival (2008)
Art-Nr.: DVDML005

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(2008 'Major Label Video') 'Recorded and filmed live at Deke's Guitar Geek Festival, the Jolly Roger Hotel Ballroom, Anaheim, CA. - January 19, 2008' - Ein charmantes Low Budget-Video von einem spannenden Roots Music Guitar Festival, das Country-Gitarrist Deke...

Statt: 19,95 € * 9,97 € *

Deke Dickerson: Number One Hit Records (LP Album)
Art-Nr.: LPHT3005

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(1998/Hightone Records) 15 Titel, Sehr seltenes original verschweisstes 'Hightone' Album!

22,95 € *

Deke Dickerson & Friends: Deke's Guitar Geek Festival 2012 (0)
Art-Nr.: DVDML012

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NTSC, Code 0, ca.180 Min.

Statt: 19,95 € * 9,97 € *

Deke Dickerson: The Melody
Art-Nr.: GRLP61206

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(2006/GOOFIN) 16 tracks

12,90 € *

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