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Fabian, born on Feb. 6, 1943 in Pennsylvania — also the home town of Frankie Avalon, with whom he shared both manager and record label — his real name was Fabiano Forte Bonaparte. It was said that he was 'discovered' walking down the street by a talent scout impressed by his Italianate profile. If Stan Freberg's character, Clyde Ankle, was a satire on any one figure, it was Fabian. His record company (Chancellor) released five singles in 1959 in the hope that he might catch on as another Elvis Presley.

These included 'I'm A Man', `Turn Me Loose', 'Tiger', 'Come On And Get Me' and 'Hound Dog Man'. All figured in the Hot Hundred al-though, in Britain, his contrived image never caught on in the same way. His films included Hound Dog Man (1959), North To Alaska (1960) and Fireball 500 (1966).

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FABIAN: Fabulously Greatful
Art-Nr.: LPCH5025

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(Chancellor) 18 tracks - Reproduction of the 1963 LP! Last copies!

14,50 € *

FABIAN: Original Collection (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCR10034

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(PR-Records/Club-Records) 16 tracks

14,95 € *

FABIAN: The Fabulous Hits (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDWM5626

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(1991/Woodford) 14 tracks - Tiger, String Along, Kissin' And Twistin', Hound Dog Man, Gonna Get You and more

15,95 € *

FABIAN: Hound Dog Man - Hit (3-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD060002

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Statt: 14,95 € * 12,95 € *

Art-Nr.: CDCHD321

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(1991/ACE) 26 tracks - Chancellor masters 1958-61.

17,75 € *

FABIAN: Fabian - 16 Fabulous Hits
Art-Nr.: CD713282

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(Hallmark/2013), 16 Tracks, Eine Zusammenfassung der auf dem Label 'Chancellor' aufgenommenen Singles von dem Teeniestar Fabian.

Statt: 14,95 € * 9,95 € *

FABIAN: I'm A Man (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJAS264

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(2014/Jasmine) 54 tracks

16,95 € *

FABIAN: Hold That Tiger (LP)
Art-Nr.: LP2011038

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(2012/Rumble) 13 tracks, Re-issue der Original-LP, welche 1959 für das Chancellor Label eingespielt wurde!

19,95 € *

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