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FIVE AMERICANS: I See The Light (1966) 180g Limited Edition
Art-Nr.: SLP5332

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LP auf SUNDAZED RECORDS von FIVE AMERICANS - I See The Light (1966) 180g Limited Edition The versatile Five Americans were so tapped into the heroic pop scene of 1965-66, they were able to pen brilliant original material that could, at times, sound something like...

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Art-Nr.: CDSC11107

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CD on SUNDAZED RECORDS by FIVE AMERICANS - Best Complete Career Overview'Contains Every Chart Hit! Few pop smashes can be instantly IDed by something as deceptively simple as the 'Dit-dit-dit-dah-dit' staccato keyboard hook introducing the Five Americans' '67...

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FIVE AMERICANS: Early Americans
Art-Nr.: LPBR143

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The Five Americans, five Oklahoma kids who blew the roof off the national charts when they moved to Dallas in 1966 and cut smashes like 'I See the Light' and 'Western Union,' recorded plenty of swaggering garage material just before their chart-topping days at Abnak...

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