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Frank Foster: Southern Soul
Art-Nr.: CD196743

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(2013/CD Baby) 11 tracks (46:02) Kernige, rockige Honky Tonker, alles Frank Foster Originale. Sein drittes Album. Highlight!***** 'My music is original. It leans towards the feel Waylon Jennings and Hank Wiiliams Jr. more than anything. That being said, you can hear...

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Frank Foster: Rhythm And Whiskey
Art-Nr.: CDCHIEF00112

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(2014/Lone Chief) 11 tracks (41:35)  

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Frank Foster: Boots on the Ground
Art-Nr.: CDLCF30012

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(2016/Lone Chief) 10 tracks. Frank Foster embodies musical independence at its highest level. He not only has taken the road less traveled, but the road almost never travled. Acting as his own record label, management, booking agency and publishing company, he has...

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