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Rolf Harris: Best Of
Art-Nr.: CD5843232

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(2003/EMI) 23 tracks (65:29) Essential

Statt: 17,95 € * 14,25 € *

Rolf Harris: The Platinum Collection (3-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD229283

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(2008/EMI AUSTRALIA) 54 tracks, original recordings!

19,95 € *

Rolf Harris: Rolf Harris & Friends - A Portrait In Song (CD & DVD)
Art-Nr.: CD510112203

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(ABC/WARNER) 28 tracks, ROLF HARRIS is - yet again - breaking new ground with the release of a combination CD / PAL Region 0 DVD. Rolf has called on memories from his youth, reaching back to the past to revive romantic songs, nostalgic music and high quality lyrics.

14,95 € *

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