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Bobby Hendricks

Itchy Twitchy Feeling

Bobby Hendricks

Itchy Twitchy Feeling

The recent (February 2005) death of Sue Records owner Juggy Murray brought a colorful and chaotic chapter of the New York record business to a close. Bobby Hendricks has had an equally long career, although he’s bracketed with just this one hit. Born in Columbus, Ohio on February 22, 1937, Hendricks joined gospel choirs (which were more formal than gospel groups, he’s quick to point out), and later joined a local R&B group called the Crowns. On tour in Baltimore, they met the Swallows, and Bobby joined the Swallows on their downslide before ex-Drifter Bill Pinkney recruited him for a group called the Flyers. Pinkney was rehired by the Drifters, so the Flyers broke up (after one record for Atco) and Bobby went to Detroit to study cosmetology. Pinkney brought him into the Drifters for a brief period in their troubled history, during which he sang the lead on Drip Drop. The Drifters’ guitarist/arranger, Jimmy Oliver, jumped ship to Juggy Murray’s little operation and eventually brought Bobby with him. Oliver had written Itchy Twitchy Feeling, basing it loosely on the Drifters’ Yodee Yakee, and recruited the Coasters to sing backup on the session. It put Sue Records on the map when it became a giant hit, reaching #25 on the pop charts. Nothing else Hendricks recorded amounted to much, although he charted again in 1960 with Psycho, a song co-written by former Drifter, Clyde McPhatter. Hendricks toured the world with Bill Pinkney’s Original Drifters, and still appears on oldies shows in the United States and Europe to this day.

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(2017/Jasmine) 27 Tracks - 1956-1961 - Bobby Hendricks is the last surviving member of the original Drifters and although his time with the group was short he sang the lead on one of their greatest hits, 'Drip Drop' and the wonderful...
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Itchy Twitchy Feeling (CD)
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