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HITONES: Wild Night Of Love (2014)
Art-Nr.: CD1408001

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(2014/WILD) 11 tracks, savage Rockabilly quartet from Moscow, Russia, recorded at Lightning Recorders in Berlin! Great songs, loud guitars, fantastic singing and a tremendous Rockabilly singer make this album to a 'five-star-all-the-way' release! One of the best...

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HITONES: I'm Gonna Leave You
Art-Nr.: CDET6055

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(2013/EL TORO) 14 tracks (35:59) Founded in 2010 in Moscow the band can now be surely called one of the best Rockabilly bands in Russia of all time. They Play not only cover versions of 50s Rockabilly but they also perform many own originals. The Hitones Music and...

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