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Mahalia Jackson, though born and raised in New Orleans, her talent really blossomed in Chicago. From 1946 until 1953 she recorded a stream of gospel hits for Apollo. With taste-fully simple piano accompaniment from Mildred Falls, and material like 'Move On Up A Little Higher' by Rev. Brewster, 'Prayer Changes Things' by Robert Anderson and 'Dig A Little Deeper' by Kenneth Morris, her powerful natural contralto couldn't be faulted.

Moving to Columbia she continued her recording success while becoming a public figure known for her work for the civil rights movement and her reassuring 'We Shall Overcome'.

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How I Got Over - The Apollo Sessions 1946-1954 (3-CD) Mahalia Jackson: How I Got Over - The Apollo Sessions 1946-1954... Art-Nr.: CD033035

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(Westside) 63 tracks
34,07 €
Christmas With Mahalia (LP) Mahalia Jackson: Christmas With Mahalia (LP) Art-Nr.: LPPC9272

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(Columbia) 10 tracks - Originally sealed 'Columbia' LP album - Cut-out LP
10,93 € 14,57 €
The Essential...(2-CD) Mahalia Jackson: The Essential...(2-CD) Art-Nr.: CDSNY512902

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(2004/SONY) 37 tracks 1955-67 with 12 page booklet. last copies
12,62 €
Come On Children - Great Songs Of Love Mahalia Jackson: Come On Children - Great Songs Of Love Art-Nr.: CDCOL7633

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(2004/COL) 21 tracks, originals 1960 u. 1962 (73:02)
17,50 €