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Georgette Jones

Georgette Jones, einzige Tochter von Country Music Royalty - George Jones und Tammy Wynette 

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Georgette Jones: A Slighty Used Woman
Art-Nr.: CDHOTR151

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(2010/Heart Of Texas) 12 tracks of classic country stuff recorded in Texas. Produced by Justin Trevino, Michael Lloyd & Keith Steagall. Featuring a duet with her father!

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Georgette Jones: Strong Enough To Cry (2011)
Art-Nr.: CDHOTR165

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(2011/HEART OF TEXAS) 12 tracks

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Georgette Jones: Till I Can Make It On My Own (2013)
Art-Nr.: CD101003

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(2013/HEART OF TEXAS) 13 tracks (35:07) nice oldschool country record with guest appearances by Justin Trevino, Tony Booth, Billy Yates, Keith Nixon and Amber Digby.

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