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Johnny Kay With Jack Sels & His Orchestra– Rocket To The Moon

Very little is known about Johnny Kay. He was a the leader of the Johnny Kay Trio from Brussels, Belgium. The question of whether Johnny Kay was a pseudonym for a Belgian citizen or a native English speaker (he sings without accent) who settled in Brussels (similar to Jack Hammer) is not known to us. He was obviously the hottest thing on the 1950s European Rhythm & Blues circuit. His recording career started in 1951 with releases on the Ronnex label up until 1954. 1962 saw another two releases on Montebello and Philips. Rocket To The Moon blasted off in July 1954 on Ronnex 1055. The orchestra was led by Jean Jacques Sels, better known as Jack Sels, a Belgian saxophonist from Antwerp and leader of the Ronnex label's house band.

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Extract from: Various - History - Destination Moon - 50 Years-First Man On The Moon - BCD17527

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