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K.D. Lang: 25th Anniversary Edition (CD&DVD)
Art-Nr.: CDBUM842

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(2010/BUMSTEAD) 15 tracks plus DVD (NTSC, Code 0, 3 clips) gatefold ecopac.

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LANG, K.D.: Victoria Starr: All You Get Is Me (HB)
Art-Nr.: 0012018

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271 pages/Seiten, 24x15.5 cm, hardcover/gebunden: Another of those superfluous biographies that keep creeping out of every corner these days. If somebody has problems with her life, like believing to be a reincarnation of Patsy Cline, I don't think it to be fair to...

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K.D. Lang: Watershed - Deluxe Edition
Art-Nr.: CD49002

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(2008/NONESUCH) 15 tracks plus a video inteviw with K.D.Lang, filmed in London!

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K.D. Lang: A Truly Western Experience
Art-Nr.: CDBUM86

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