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Monster Mash - Monster's Mash Party (7inch, 45rpm, PS) Bobby (Boris) Pickett: Monster Mash - Monster's Mash Party (7inch,... Art-Nr.: 45REP04087

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Re-issue of the original 1962 'Garpax' Promo record but with orange cover and on orange colored vinyl
14,95 €

Wer war/ist Bobby 'Boris' Pickett ? - CDs, Vinyl LPs, DVD und mehr

Bobby 'Boris' Pickett was born on Feb. 11, 1940 in Somerville, Massachusetts. After an unsuccessful attempt to be-come an actor and comedian, he joined a vocal group, the Cordials. In 1961, Gary Paxton (the lead singer with the Hollywood Argyles of 'Alley Oop' fame) produced Pick-ett's novelty narrative, 'Monster Mash'. It went to No. 1 and was another big hit when revived in the early Seventies. `Mash' and other gory slices from the same cadaver —`Monster's Holiday' and 'Monster Motion' — depended more on Pickett's ability to imitate Boris Karloff than on musical content for their success.

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