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The Love Affair New

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(REPERTOIRE) 20 Songs 1968-71 (14 Stereo) digipac mehr

The Love Affair: New

(REPERTOIRE) 20 Songs 1968-71 (14 Stereo) digipac

Artikeleigenschaften von The Love Affair: New

Love Affair, The - New CD 1
01 New Day The Love Affair
02 Walking Down The Road The Love Affair
03 Ge's Whiz The Love Affair
04 Gypsy The Love Affair
05 Goodbye Brother, Farewell Friend The Love Affair
06 Hurt By Love The Love Affair
07 Bad Girl The Love Affair
08 Nine To Five The Love Affair
09 Thank You Bean The Love Affair
10 Speak Of Peace, Sing Of Joy The Love Affair
11 Bonus Tracks: The Love Affair
12 Baby I Know The Love Affair
13 Accpet Me For What I Am The Love Affair
14 Lincoln County The Love Affair
15 Sea Of Tranquility The Love Affair
16 Brings My Whole World Tumbling Down The Love Affair
17 Wake Me I Am Dreaming The Love Affair
18 That's My Home The Love Affair
19 Help (Get Me Some Help) The Love Affair
20 Long Way Home The Love Affair
21 Io Senza Te (Rainbow Valley - Italian Versi The Love Affair
The Love Affair The Love Affair were one of the most successful and perhaps of historical... mehr
"The Love Affair"

The Love Affair

The Love Affair were one of the most successful and perhaps of historical importance one of the most unusual pop groups to emerge out of 'mid 60's swinging Britain's. Whilst all the members of the group had played for a number of years in other bands. The Love Affair formally The Soul Survivors came together in the form of their most well known line up not through acquaintance but through an advertisement in the Melody Maker newspaper and a series of "en masse" auditions orchestrated by their manager Sidney Bacon. It was common practice in the 60's music industry for busy touring stars to be ghosted by session musicians (not for live, television, albums or radio performances) but for the expedience and cost effectiveness of hit making.

The Love Affair were the first to deliberately and openly admit to this in an interview between Michael Jackson and Jonathan King on the Jonathan King television show. The Love Affair were the highest earning and most riot making live act since the Beatles and they toured internationally together for five years (a long time in those days). They were the youngest group at the time to ever have had a number one single followed by a parade of other hits. The youngest member at the time was Mo Bacon only 15 and the average age of the other band members was just 17. Their musical metamorphosis started with Soul and Tamla to full bloodied pop to heavy rock to model n jazz. Steve Ellis the first and best known vocalist possessed one of the most distinctive voices of the 60's.

Gus Eadon the replacement lead vocalist was a talented multi disciplined musician and the other group members Morgan Fisher, Michael Jackson, Mo Bacon and Rex Brayley developed into jazz/rock musicians (listen to New Day album) that won critical acclaim from no lessor figure than Ronnie Scott, along with just about every hard bitten music critic and journalist when they gave a special "live to the press" performance of their "NEW DAY album at Londons Revolution Club. The band had a number of personnel changes and most memorable amongst these apart from the transition between Steve and Gus would be the change of keyboard player from Morgan Fisher to Lynton Guest and back to Morgan Fisher. Lynton was with the band when they first exploded onto the scene with their early hits, most memorable of course being Everlasting Love. The tracks on this album represent sound bites of history from 1966 to 1999. The tracks are listed in chronological order, the early ones being The Love Affairs first unreleased attempts at recording in a studio. The second period being their first released material, the third period from their first album. The fourth period from their second album and the final track when Mo, Michael and Morgan came together once more in 1999 to write and perform "It's a Love Affair" for a television documentary.

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