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Tony Marlow: Surboum Guitare (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDRPR43

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(2017/Rock Paradise) 13 tracks - Brandnew album from the French Guitar King Tony Marlow! All sung tracks are in French! Fantastic CD album - Sounds like Johnny Hallyday in the 1950s and early 1960s. Highly recommended!

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Tony Marlow: Knock Out!
Art-Nr.: CDSK2009

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(2010/SKYDOG) 16 tracks (53:58) great, new Marlow originals for all Teds & Rockers - digipac

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Tony Marlow: Rockabilly Troubador (2013)
Art-Nr.: CDRPR28

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(2013/Rock Paradise) 15 tracks, fantastic Rockabilly album in the French language! Marlow is well-known for his dancefloor filler 'Action Baby'! Highly recommended!

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Tony Marlow: Knock Out (2011)
Art-Nr.: RPRLP03

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