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Russ Meyer: The Immoral Mr. Teas (DVD)
Art-Nr.: DVD49702

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(2004/WARNERVISION) Code 2, Dolby Digital,PAL,deutsch,Farbe,1959,60min;

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Russ Meyer: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks Vol.2 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDINDI0979

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Digipac with 26 page photo booklet. 18 original tracks from: Up! Mega Vixens - Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra Vixens - Super Vixens.

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Russ Meyer: Big Bosoms & Square Jaws - The Biography Of Russ Meyer by Jimmy McDonough
Art-Nr.: 0013040

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(2005/CROWN) Clothbound/Dustjacket, English, 16x24 cm, 462 pages incl. 16 pages opf rare b&w photos; written by Jimmy McDonough The picture is midnight black. An imperious, testosterone-heavy voice intones: "Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the world of...

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