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Babe Miller is a simple man. The Son and Grandson of Pontiac auto workers, he grew up in Southeast Michigan, understanding the simple things. God, Family, work, and country music. Babe's songs have spread around the world because they hit deep in the human heart. Love, loss, pain, fear, and victory. When his first record "Foreclose my Heart" came out on OCRC, the ball really started rolling. Ever since, it's been a string of one nighters and solid gold country hits.

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Roy Hamilton: Only You (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPLN3807

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(Epic) 12 tracks - Re-issue of the original 1961 'Epic' LP album

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Babe Miller: The 10 Years Of ... (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPSR24

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(Sleazy) 10 tracks - Brandnew album from Babe Miller When Daddy got laid off in '83, work was hard to come by. Good thing that Fiero came out in '84. Good thing we lived in a two room shack on the outskirts of Pontiac with a corduroy couch and newer shag. When the...

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Babe Miller: Room 242 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSR3044

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(2016/Sleazy) 14 tracks - Tremendous Country Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly stuff by Babe Miller! All songs except 5 of'em are written by Miller himself! Great lyrics, great sounds - a real tret all the way!

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Babe Miller: Pink, Pink Elephants EP
Art-Nr.: SR4595

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(2015/Sleazy) Super 50s  Country Rock & Roll & Hillbilly Bop EP! Linernotes sind von Craig 'Bones' Maki, dem Author des 'Detroit Country Music: Mountaineers, Cowboys And Rockabillies' Buchs!

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