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CURLEY MONEY didn’t record for Sun, unless you count a name-check on Phillips International 3530 beneath Lee Mitchell’s name. One of the songs that Mitchell recorded but didn’t release was Chain Gang Charlie, a song Money had recorded for his company, Rambler Records, in Columbus, Georgia. It’s Curley’s original we have here, and it sits at Sun in a Rambler Records tape box.

Robert Earnest Money was born in Halesburg, Alabama in March 1925. He moved to Columbus in 1942 and remains there. He recorded prolifically for his own labels, Rambler and Money, and went to Memphis in 1957 or 1958 to pitch Lee Mitchell to Sam Phillips.

He seems to have left behind the tape of Chain Gang Charlie, a Flat Foot Sam-style ditty about a scam artist who can’t win for losing.

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