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Heather Myles: Live At Newland.NL (& The Cadillac Cowboys)
Art-Nr.: CDMMA1036

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(2008/MMA) 18 tracks - digipac

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Heather Myles: Sweet Talk & Good Lies
Art-Nr.: CDROU3179

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With a voice that can be as rough or tender as the emotions she lays bare in her music, Heather Myles sings country music with honesty, deep feeling and plenty of honky tonk swagger. As Chet Flippo wrote, 'Myles has more brass than a hardware store.' With a nod to...

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Heather Myles: Rum And Rodeo
Art-Nr.: CDHIGH8178

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(2005/HIGHTONE) 14 tracks 1991/94 remastered by Bob Stone

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Heather Myles: Live On TruCountry (CD & DVD)
Art-Nr.: CDFREED5046

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(2013/Floating World) 23 Tracks (76:09) plus DVD (Code 0, PAL, Farbe, identische Tracks) feat. Miss Leslie, Justin Trevino, Bobby Flores a.o. Live in der Circle T Arena, Hamilton, Texas, gefilmt. A Winner!

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