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CHUBBY "HIP SHAKIN'" NEWSOME A native of Detroit, Chubby Newsome worked at several New Orleans clubs and theaters when the Brauns signed her in 1948. Best known for her initial De Luxe release, "Hip Shakin' Mama," Newsome wound up on Regal after the Brauns and Syd Nathan divided up the original roster of De Luxe artists.

—Jeff Hannusch, New Orleans, July 2000 (author of I Hear You Knockin'• The Sound of New Orleans Rhythm and Blues and the forthcoming The Right Place: The New Orleans Beat)
Sources: Whiskey Woman and...#9 and #10 — A De luxe and Regal Feast! by Bill Daniels, Walkin' To New Orleans by John Broven, & I Hear You Knockin' by Jeff Hannusch

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Chubby Newsome: The Original Hip Shakin' Mama (LP)
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(1988/Official) 14 Titel - Dampfhammer Rhythm'n'Blues aus den Jahren 1948 bis 1957!

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