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NILSSON: Aerial Ballet (1968) 180g Vinyl
Art-Nr.: SLP5468

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(2014/Sundazed) 13 tracks One of the scarest late mono LP's, Aerial Ballet contains some of Nilsson's best-known work, including the definitive versions of 'Everybody's Talkin'' and 'One.' This edition features the singular original 1968 monaural mix - a strong,...

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NILSSON: The Essential (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD5484942

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(Sony Australia) 40 tracks, all original recordings!

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NILSSON: Pandemonium Shadow Show (1967) 180g Vinyl
Art-Nr.: SLP5467

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(2014/Sundazed) Nilsson’s first true album, 1967’s Pandemonium Shadow Show, is an astonishing collection that announces the artist’s unique vaudevillian take on 1960s pop music—a style that brought him to the attention of the Beatles by way of their press agent Derek...

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Harry Nilsson: Harry Nilsson's Greatest Hits (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPNL89081

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(1978/RCA) 16 tracks - original recordings

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