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TRACY PENDARVIS was one of the acts Ernie signed, and for that we should be grateful. Tracy was the real deal; he even had a name ready-made for rock ‘n’ roll singles. His misfortune was to arrive at Sun three years too late. He was born near Cross City, Florida on February 8, 1936, and developed a real fondness for hardcore country and gutbucket blues.

Even Fats Domino was a little too slick for Tracy. He recorded for Scott Records (the prophetic It Don’t Pay), before he and guitarist Johnny Gibson and drummer Punk Williams decided that they needed to be on Sun. They drove to Memphis, auditioned for Sam and Ernie Barton, and got signed.

Tracy eventually saw three releases on the magic yellow label. Uh-Huh, Oh Yeah probably dates from the first session in early 1959. As this set went to press, the word reaching us was that Tracy had died of lung cancer early in 1997.

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