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Groovey Joe Poovey: The Late Great Me - The Little Darlin' Sound
Art-Nr.: CDKO9828

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(2004/KOCH/LITTLE DARLIN') 20 tracks - stunning US release of vintage 50s Rockabilly (1-6), his country recordings as Johnny Dallas (7-10) plus 10 unreleased later rockers - great !

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Groovey Joe Poovey: Greatest Grooves (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDROLL3037

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(1999/ROLLERCOASTER) 30 tracks 1956-80, digipac with 16 page booklet. Sechs extra Titel und besserer Sound als die amerikanische Pressung ! European Release-Digipac. The only sad part about this album is that Joe Poovey died just a few hours after approving the...

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