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Red Roots (CD)
Andy Poxon Band: Red Roots (CD) Art-Nr.: CD62374

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(2010 'Eller Soul') The Andy Poxon Band Andy Poxon is a very talented young man with a remarkable level of professional poise for one so young. Only 16 when he recorded these tracks, he not only wrote all of the songs but produced the...
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Must Be Crazy (CD)
Andy Poxon: Must Be Crazy (CD) Art-Nr.: CDER1509

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(2015/Ellersoul) 13 tracks. A wonderful collection of original tunes from a brilliant young guitarist,singer,songwriter. Clever without being cute and emotionally deep without being heavy handed. Andy has an amazing mastering of American...
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Andy Poxon Band: Tomorrow Art-Nr.: CD31301

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(2013 'Eller Soul') (58:21/14) Feat.: DUKE ROBILLARD.
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