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A cursory review of Vietnam Veterans' websites leaves little doubt that Jane Fonda continues to be reviled for her conduct during the war vis-à-vis U.S. soldiers, especially POWs. Hanoi Jane links her with fellow anti-war activist and former U.S. Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, calling both of them "traitors to America with communistic brains."


Edgar Leon Rausch's early years were typical of many of the country artists on this Anthology. Born into a musical family on October 2, 1927 in Springfield, Missouri, he began playing guitar with his father when still a child. He continued performing at local dances throughout his high school years. When he graduated and joined the military, World War II had just ended.


Rausch left the service and eventually moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1956 he appeared on the Shreveport-based 'Louisiana Hayride' and two years later was asked to replace vocalist Tommy Duncan as 'the voice' of Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys.


Rausch continued to record into the '80s, releasing several singles and the LP 'Deep In The Heart Of Texas' on the Southland label. His autobiography, 'Leon Rausch…Voice Of The Texas Playboys,' was co-authored with Dr. John E. Perkins, Jr.

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