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SAGITTARIUS: The Blues Marble
Art-Nr.: SLP5231

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The shimmering follow-up to Present Tense, 1968's pop-psych cult classic by producers Gary Usher and Curt Boettcher's studio-only project Sagittarius ('My World Fell Down'), 1969's The Blue Marble once again finds Usher crafting still more sunshiney, Beach Boys-esque...

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SAGITTARIUS: Present Tense
Art-Nr.: CDSC11053

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For producer-wunderkind Gary Usher, Sagittarius was the outcome of months holed up in the studio with like-minded friends: Curt Boettcher, Bruce Johnston, Glen Campbell, the Firesign Theatre and others. The hit single, 'My World Fell Down', debuted in 1967. 'Present...

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