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Tony Sheridan & The Beatles

During their first stint in Hamburg, the Beatles met Tony Sheridan, born Anthony Esmond Sheridan McGinnity. Sheridan was a British-born musician from Norwich who had arrived in Hamburg on June 5, 1960, as a member of a band called The Jets. There, he quickly became a star of the local club scene and his success beckoned others to follow. Like many other teenagers in the 50s, Sheridan had started his musical career in a skiffle group. Later in the 50s, he had joined British rock star Vince Taylor, and played with his band on a recording session in 1958. After leaving Taylor's Playboys in 1959, Sheridan worked as a session musician in London for a while and appeared as a guitarist on Jack Good's TV-show 'Oh Boy!' Besides working as a session musician, Sheridan had also worked as a support act for Cliff Richard and Conway Twitty, and in the spring of 1960, he and his trio toured Britain with Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran.

"They [the Beatles] used to sit in with Tony Sheridan at the Top Ten Club – he helped them and they learned a lot from him."

(Fellow Liverpool musician Howie Casey, 'Mersey Beat,'1963)


Tony Sheridan & The Beatles Beatles Bop & Hamburg Days
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Tony Sheridan: Vagabond
Art-Nr.: BCD16616

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1-CD mit 20-seitigem Booklet, 13 Einzeltitel, Spieldauer 50:47 Minuten. Tony Sheridan kam 1960 erstmals nach Hamburg, um mit den 'Jets' im Kaiserkeller aufzutreten. Ende des Jahres wechselte er in den 'Top Ten Club' auf der Reeperbahn, wo ihn 1961 die Beatles...

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Tony Sheridan: The Singles 1965-1968, Vol.2 - (Vinyl LP & Inlay)
Art-Nr.: LP841142

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(Polygram/Star-Club) 16 Titel, Restbestand der Vinyl Auflage mit Rock Family Tree Beilage/last copies!

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Tony Sheridan: The Singles 1961-1964, Vol.1 - (Vinyl LP & Inlay)
Art-Nr.: LP841141

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(Polygram/Star-Club) 18 Titel, Die letzten Vinyl Exemplare - last vinyl copies !

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Tony Sheridan: The Teacher - The Tony Sheridan Story
Art-Nr.: 0019064

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(2013/AMPS) Englisch, Broschur, 120 Seiten, inkl 4 Seiten mit schwarz-weiß und Farbphotos, 21x15cm, von Alan Mann geschrieben, sehr informativ!

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Tony Sheridan: Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers (LP, 180g Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: LPCB16026

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(2017/Cornbread) 16 Tracks - Wiederveröffentlichung der original Polydor LP, 1961-62 aufgenommen, mit 4 Bonus Tracks auf denen Sheridan von THE BEATLES begleitet wird! Die Rückseite des Covers enthält Fehler in der numerischen Reihenfolge. Auch wird Track 1 als...

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Tony Sheridan: Live 2007
Art-Nr.: CDWR0801

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(2008/WEMO) 12 tracks (79:03) recorded on private locations feat. Victor Hugo Gomez (bass) & Hernan Antonio Campos (drums)

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