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Hoke Simpson

I Finally Found You

Hoke Simpson is well known these days, but not as a former ABC-Paramount recording artist. Like George Hamilton IV, he came to ABC by way of Colonial Records, and his first record was a jumped up version of the hillbilly classic Mountain Dew. This little song featured the engaging combination of ukulele and electric guitar. Simpson didn't linger long in rock 'n' roll. 

He got his BA in Philosophy from UNC, Chapel Hill, and his MA from the University of North Dakota. He subsequently joined the faculty in the Department of Humanities at Grossmont College in El Cajon, California, specializing in Philosophy. The only connection to his past life seems to be a course he once taught, 'Blues as Literature, History, and Culture.'

It's unclear where he found this song; it is, as far as we can tell, the only composition by Charles Stephanos ever to be recorded.


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