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The Space Cadets: Rockin' With The Space Cadets
Art-Nr.: CDEPRR2

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(2012/RHYTHM ROCK-IT) 20 tracks, YESSIR!!! The two IMPORTANT and long out-of-print albums of the Space Cadets are out on CD now! Originally recorded between 1995 and 1996 these recordings are already classics and a must for every serious Rock & Roll and Rockabilly...

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The Space Cadets: Crash Landed
Art-Nr.: CDISMS01186

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(2015/I Sold My Soul) 14 Titel - Das erste Album seit 15 Jahren! Und die gute Nachricht ist, alles im 'Awakadeeawakadoo'  Stil der 'Lost On Earth' 10inch und der 'Astrobilly Rockin' LP! Die Band hat genau da angeknüpft wo sie aufgehört hat und das Album macht...

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The Space Cadets: Space Cadet Psychos
Art-Nr.: 45TOMB116

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(2015/Tombstone) Die Single zum 2015er Album!

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The Space Cadets: Crash Landed (LP, 10inch)

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(2015/Tombstone) 10 tracks - The second 'Space Cadets' 10 inch LP! That's their 'back on the scene' album linked to the first two albums which ever came out of'em! The good old 'Space Cadets Awakadeeawakadoo' style and a must have for your 10inch LP collection!

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