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Billy Swan: Billy Swan's Best (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD474269

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(1993/Sony) 16 tracks

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Billy Swan: Billy Swan & Four
Art-Nr.: CDSEE471

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(1997/SEE FOR MILES) 20 tracks 1976/77 - last copies deleted !!

14,90 € *

Billy Swan: Original Album Classics (5-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSNY33420

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(2014/Sony) 52 tracks An American Country music singer-songwriter mostly known for his huge recognisable hit from 1975 »I Can Help«, Billy Swan continued to release some great albums all notably included in this set. From 1975's I Can Help through to his 1981...

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Billy Swan: Playlist: The Very Best Of 1975-98
Art-Nr.: CD794237

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Billy Swan: Do With Me What You Will (Home Demos)
Art-Nr.: CD190005

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(2009/SWAN) 14 tracks (39:58) ecopac incl. all lyrics.

16,25 € *

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