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T-Bear & The Dukes of Rhythm have been the blues ambassadors of Arvika since 2004, composing and interpreting r&b and blues like there was no tomorrow. They are on a mission.

Broadcasted all the way from Tokyo to Timbuktu, with two studio albums so far, T-Bear and his hellhounds have won global respect within the blues community. T-Bear regroups his troops, according to your wishes: festivals or clubs, horn section or harmonica?

Ok, it’s often cold in Sweden, but T-Bear’s blues glows. It glows with passion and honesty, in the firm conviction that the blues is here to stay.

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T-BEAR AND DUKES OF RHYTHM: Let The Sweet Talk Flow...
Art-Nr.: CDET205

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(EL TORO) 12 tracks, swingin' modern R&B Band rooted in the rhythm of the traditional greats from the 50s and 60s,

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T-BEAR & THE DUKES OF RHYTHM: Let The Sweet Talk Flow
Art-Nr.: CD7007501

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(2006 'Arvika') (40:47/12) Swedish blues band. TORBJÖRN SOLBERG - gtr/voc, FREDRIK MYHRBERG - gtr, BERTH ARNESSON - pno/org, JAN LILLSÄTER - bass, TORE VAN BAALEN - drums, plus horn section.

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T-Bear & The Dukes: Ice Machine
Art-Nr.: CD701786

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(? 'T-Bear') 39:36/11​

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T-Bear & The Dukes: Time Is A Healer (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD70228036

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(2017/T-Bear) 11 tracks

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