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Keith West and John Wood were once half of the In Crowd — who had a minor British hit in 1965 with `That's How Strong My Love Is' — and by 1967 were half of Tomorrow with Steve Howe and Twink. They built their reputation in early underground clubs, endorsed by 'My White Bicycle', a song about Dutch provos, produced by Pete Townshend. Halfway through their album, producer Mark Wirtz involved West in 'An Excerpt From A Teenage Opera'; originally to be a Keith Tomorrow release, it came out as by Keith West. Ironically, it marked the beginning of the end for the group.

A second single, 'Revolution', and the album followed, though never the rest of the opera except a follow-up, 'Sam'. Tomorrow folded in 1968, Twink joining the Pretty Things and the Fairies and Steve Howe, whose guitar pyrotechnics shone in Tomorrow, eventually found fame with Yes in February, 1970. Keith West re-emerged in 1975 with `Moonrider'.

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