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TORNADOES: Bustin' Surfboards '98
Art-Nr.: CDGRZ024

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(1998/Garland) 14 Tracks, Neu-Aufnahmen (rec. 1997) zur Wiedervereinigung der Band. Super Surf Instrumental Album!- Letzte Exemplare!MM/Bear Family Records

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TORNADOES: Bustin' Surfboards
Art-Nr.: CDSC6003

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(1993/Sundazed) 15 Tracks - original Aertaun und Josie Aufnahmen von 1962-1963 - letzte Exemplare!

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The Tornadoes: Bustin' Surfboards '97 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDGEE270138

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CD on GEE DEE RECORDS by The Tornadoes - Bustin' Surfboards '97 (CD)

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Tornadoes: The Swag - Rawhide 7inch, 45rpm, PS
Art-Nr.: S149

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Single (7 Inch) auf SUNDAZED RECORDS von Tornadoes - The Swag - Rawhide 7inch, 45rpm, PS

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TORNADOES: Bustin' Surfboards - 180g
Art-Nr.: SLP5024

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Waxed in 1964 for the Josie label, the Tornadoes' Bustin' Surfboards was one of the very first surf LPs released - not to mention one of the best. Home to the splash-smash title track (which later resurfaced in a big way, thanks to its inclusion on the soundtrack to...

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TORNADOES: Beyond The Surf
Art-Nr.: CDSC11039

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CD on SUNDAZED RECORDS by TORNADOES - Beyond The Surf Nobody from the tidal wave of surf combos inundating Southern California in the early '60s did it any gnarlier than the Tornadoes, in hot water immediately for titling an early single 'Shootin' Beavers.' Our new...

18,95 € *

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