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Talk about wildmen! Bobby Lee Trammell could match anyone drink for drink, rockabilly record for rockabilly record. Here are all his greatest sides, starting with his Fabor sides from '57 and '58, like Shirley Lee, Uh-Oh, and You Mostest Girl, followed by his Sims sides from '63 and '64, including New Dance In France, then his Capitol sides from '71 and the Sun recordings from '77. Altogether, there's 25 recordings from one of the most out-of-control guys in early rock 'n' roll.


Bobby Lee Trammell You Mostest Girl (Essential Collection)
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Bobby Lee Trammell: You Mostest Girl (Essential Collection)
Art-Nr.: BCD15887

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1-CD mit 20-seitigem Booklet, 25 Einzeltitel. Spieldauer ca. 59 Minuten. Reden wir mal über einen wirklich wilden Typen! Bobby Lee Trammell konnte es mit jedem aufnehmen, jeden unter den Tisch trinken und Kollegen mit seinen Rockabilly-Aufnahmen fertig machen....

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Bobby Lee Trammell: Arkansas Twist (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDG150312

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(Globe) 24 tracks

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Bobby Lee Trammell: Arkansas Twist
Art-Nr.: CDBB55153

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CD on DEEJAY RECORDS by Bobby Lee Trammell - Arkansas Twist

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