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Truly Lover Trio: Hey Little Girl - L.A.Rockabilly (2004)
Art-Nr.: CDET4030

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(2004/EL TORO) 15 tracks - debut album from this Los Angeles Trio

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Truly Lover Trio: Dig It, Baby, Dig It (2008)
Art-Nr.: CDTR102

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(2008/TWINKLETONE) 15 tracks (40:37) last copies - special price

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Truly Lover Trio: Bullseye
Art-Nr.: CDTR104

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(2010/Twinkletone) 17 tracks (43:55) ecopac - superb new album of originals & covertunes of SUN-type Rockabilly and great midtempo ballads. The Trio with the sound & voice of Big O. is back!***** 'In Memory Of Roy Orbison'

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Truly Lover Trio: Candy Kisses (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDTR110

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(2017/Twinkletone) 14 hot tracks (32:25) digisleeve - Truly Lover Trio’s first release of new and fresh material in over 5 years! - What does the album sound like? It’s the good ol’ Truly Lover Trio sound we all like, but fresh and raw, like you have never heard it...

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