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TT Syndicate: Seven Veils - Baby, Baby, Baby (7inch, 45rpm, PS, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: 45MIG026

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(2017/Migraine) 2-Track Single - Limited numbered edition of 700 copies only! Newest wave from Ali Baba's Headquarter! Fantastic Stompin' Saxophone Soul Beats from Portugal! Rocks!

8,95 € *

TT Syndicate: Last Night - No Money 7inch, 45rpm, PS
Art-Nr.: MIG45012

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Raw modern R&B shouter! A-Side is a nice sleazy stroller and on the flip you will get a hard driving jiver!

7,50 € *

TT Syndicate: Movin' And A Groovin' b-w Venom Dream Queen 7inch, 45rpm, PS
Art-Nr.: 45MIG015

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They are back - brand new modern jump rhythm & blues two sider - great jiver and a hot rockin' stroller - a big hit at the Rhythm Riot 2013!

8,50 € *

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