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JIMMY WAGES was one of the great finds in the Sun vaults. A man of singularly warped vision and a true musical primitive, he was a little too deep into left-field even for Sun in its heyday. Quasi-religious images and a distinctly ambivalent attitude toward women color his work (Miss PearlandTake Me--a song originally titledGarden Of Evil, are prime examples). Jimmy has lived in Tupelo all his life, and says he’s not only the same age as Elvis, but went to school with him. He followed the familiar path to Sun’s door, and Jack Clement recorded him. James Wood and his band backed Jimmy on one session, and on another it’s Jerry Lee Lewis, J.M. Van Eaton et al. Wood and his band called Jimmy ‘The Catman,’ and that apparently became his local nickname. His early shows must have been something to behold. After Sun, Jimmy tried out at Hi and for Stan Kesler. He became a club act, touring as far afield as California. “I’m just one who tried and didn’t make it,“he says with remarkably little rancor. “I got a lot of company.“

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