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Ted Jarrett: You Can Make It If You Try - The Ted Jarrett Story of R&B in Nashville
Art-Nr.: 0010363675

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Taschenbuch - 256 - Hillsboro Pr - Englisch 'Nashville was beginning to be felt as a presence in the record industry, not just for its country product, but for R&B as well. I did everything I could to catch the brass ring. I worked at it night and day.' Ted...

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Howard White: Every Highway Out of Nashville, Volume 2
Art-Nr.: 0031268419

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Taschenbuch - 268 pages - Nova Books Nashville - Revised. edition - Englisch This book continues the story of a North Carolina country boy, who tried to serve his country in war-time and wanted to play on The Grand Ole Opry. While in the Navy, he suffered a nervous...

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