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Joice Overton: Cowboy Americana - Cowboy Americana
Art-Nr.: 0031238

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(Schiffer/2001) 22cm x 28,5cm, hardback, engl. Everything you need to know about all the Cowboy Americana stuff incl. saddles, boots, spurs and a lot more! 160 pages incl. tons of nice photos

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Rob Goudy: Electric Guitars - Electric Guitars
Art-Nr.: 0041676

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English, Hardback/Gebunden mit Schutzumschlag, 22x28.5 cm, 176 pages - With over 450 color photographs, this book presents a brilliant review of electric guitars from their early years in the mid-20th century to the present day. A broad range of instruments are...

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Joe Tonelli & Marc Luers: Bowling Shirts - Bowling Shirts
Art-Nr.: 0041490

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English, Paperback, 28x21.5 cm, 160 pages/Seiten - in over 600 ! color photographs, the shirts are displayed alphabetically by manufacturer. Embroidery and design detail, manufacturer's labels, and special features are shown along with a complete description and...

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Judy Crandall: Cowgirls - Cowgirls - Early Images & Collectibles
Art-Nr.: 0031211

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English, Paperback, 23x29 cm, 126 pages, complete illustrated in color & b/w In the field of western memorabilia, the rodeo cowgirls provide the collector with items of rarity as perhaps no other area does. From around 1900 through 1940 women competed in the...

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