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Rusty Wellington – Rockin' Chair On The Moon

Rusty Wellington was originally from New Brunswick, Canada, but emigrated with his parents to New Hampshire in the USA while still a youngster. He later moved to the Philadelphia area and got deep into the Philly music scene quickly. Jack Howard, one of Bill Haley's early managers and owner of Arcade Records, offered Rusty a recording contract in 1953 and Wellington cut numerous sides for Arcade between '53 and '57. Jack Howard had sold the song Rockin' Chair On The Moon to MGM in 1957. Written by Bill Haley and Harry Broomall (Haley's bodyguard at the time), it was Bill Haley & The Saddlemen's last record in 1952. Rusty Wellington covered the song for MGM with a hillbilly feeling in his voice and an R&B-styled saxophone to make the track sound different from Haley's original. Issued on MGM K 12581 in November 1957.

From 'That'll Flat Git It, Vol.7 - Rockabilly From The Vaults Of MGM Records' BCD15789.

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Extract from: Various - History - Destination Moon - 50 Years-First Man On The Moon - BCD17527

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