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Joel Whitburn

From pastime to passion to profitable enterprise, the growth of Record Research has been the outgrowth of Joel Whitburn’s hobby. Joel began collecting records as a teenager in the 1950s. As his collection grew, he began to sort, categorize and file each record according to the highest position it reached on Billboard magazine's charts. He went on to publish this information — first on individual artists’ cards, then in book form in 1970 — and a business was born.

Today, Joel leads a team of researchers who delve into all of Billboard’s music charts to an unmatched degree of depth and detail. Widely recognized as the most authoritative historian on charted music, Joel has also collaborated with Warner/Rhino Records in creating a series of 150 CD albums, plus five CD albums with Curb Records. Joel’s own record collection remains unrivaled the world over and includes every charted Hot 100 and pop single (back to 1936), every charted pop album (back to 1945), collections of nearly every charted Country, R&B, Bubbling Under The Hot 100 and Adult Contemporaryrecords. Ever the consummate collector, Joel also owns one of the world’s largest picture sleeve collections, many of which he displays in the series of books (Top 40 Hits, Top 40 Albums, Top 40 Country Hits, Top 40 R&B Hits) he writes for Billboard’s book division. To date, Record Research has published nearly 200 books, over 50 of which are currently in the catalog.

Joel's site,, brought his enormous database online in 2009. The MusicVault, complete with chart data and record photos, has proved to be an immediate, reliable wellspring of data

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Billboard Magazine: Joel Whitburn Presents - Billboard Singles Reviews 1958
Art-Nr.: 0071364

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280 pages/Seiten, 30.5x22.5 cm, Paperback: Hier sind alle Plattenbesprechungen zusammengestellt, die 1958 in `Billboard' abgedruckt waren, mit cross-check Möglichkeit nach Titel und Namen des Künstlers.  - Joel Whitburn presents BILLBOARD SINGLES REVIEWS 1958...

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Hit Records 1954-1982: Hit Records 1954 - 1982 Joel Whitburn (Music Vendor & Record World)
Art-Nr.: 0081478

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(2012/WHITBURN) Hardback, 22x28 cm, 416 pages. Hit Records is the first-ever complete history of the Music Vendor and Record World charts! This new book dives deep into the golden age of rock'n'roll, Top 40 radio, and 45 rpm records with all-new research on thousands...

59,00 € *

Joel Whitburn: Billboard POP Charts 1955-1959 (Hardcover)
Art-Nr.: 0081234

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(1992/Record Research) Hardcover- Großvormat 23x31 cm. 496 pages/Seiten; Hardcover/gebunden Reprints of the original chart-pages from Billboard Die Reprints der Original Chart-Seiten aus Billboard / Woche für Woche die Reproduktion der BILLBOARD Single- Charts....

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Joel Whitburn: Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Albums 1955-1996
Art-Nr.: book1179

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Gebundene Ausgabe - 1060 Seiten- Record Research Inc. - 1996 - Englisch AUTHOR'S NOTE How do you condense several tons of record albums and CDs, plus 41 years of weekly Billboard charts and an extensive artist biography file into something that weighs less than...

79,95 € *

Joel Whitburn: Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Album Tracks 1993-1996
Art-Nr.: 0081212

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English, Paperback, 18x23 cm, 86 pages -

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Joel Whitburn: Joel Whitburn Presents The Billboard Hot 100 Charts - The Eighties
Art-Nr.: 0081034

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Gebundene Ausgabe - Record Research Inc - 1991 -Englisch Joel Whitburn Presents The Billboard Hot 100 Charts The Eighties Woche für Woch die Abbildungen der Original-BILLBOARD-Charts der Jahre. Keine Auswertung, sondern die Reproduktion der in der Zeitschrift...

199,95 € *

Joel Whitburn: The Billboard Book Of Top 40 Hits
Art-Nr.: 00815206

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Taschenbuch - Billboard Publications - 484 Seiten - Englisch - 3rd Edition "It ain't No. 1 'til it's No. 1 in Billboard." Don Imus WNBC, New York "Joel Whitburn's books are as much a part of my radio stations as my transmitters. Any time I buy or build a radio...

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Joel Whitburn: Pop Hits: 1940-1954
Art-Nr.: 0811063

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Gebundene Ausgabe - 416 Seiten - Record Research Inc - 1994 - Englisch This book is the descendant of a thin, paperback volume published back in 1972, Top Pop Records 1940-1955. That little red book, one of Record Research's first publications, exclusively covered...

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Whitburn, Joel: Hot Country Songs 1944-2012 (8th Edition)
Art-Nr.: 0081482

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(2013/Record Research) Hardcover, 22x28 cm, 512 pages. Hot Country Songs 1944-2012 covers the complete history of Billboard magazine's Country Singles chart, from the very first 'Juke Box Folk Records' chart in January, 1944, through the last 'Hot Country Songs'...

69,00 € *

Joel Whitburn: Joel Whitburn's Bubbling Under the Hot 100, 1959-1985
Art-Nr.: 0081829

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Gebundene Ausgabe - 377 Seiten - Record Research Inc - 1992 - Englisch AUTHOR'S NOTE For 27 years, Billboard's Bubbling Under the Hot 100 chart forecasted the future entries on the Hot 100. The titles on the Bubbling Under chart were the 45 rpm releases most likely...

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Joel Whitburn: The Comparison Book - Billboard, Cash Box, Record World 1954-1982
Art-Nr.: 0081483

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Gebundene Ausgabe - Record Research Inc. - 576 Seiten - Englisch - Hardcover - Record Research Inc. - 576 pages - english - The Comparison Book - Billboard, Cash Box, Record World 1954-1982 Author's Note Billboard, Cash Box and Record World were America's top...

79,00 € *

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