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Arthur Alexander: A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (7inch, 33rpm, EP, PS, SC)
Art-Nr.: 45ETEP15086

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(2017/El Toro) 5-Track EP - 'Judd' and 'Dot' recordings from 1960 to 1962

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Arthur Alexander: The Greatest
Art-Nr.: CDCHD922

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(1962-65 'Dot') (54:09/21)

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Arthur Alexander: Richard Younger: Get A Shot Of...The Story
Art-Nr.: 0001018

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English, Hardback, 16x23.5 cm, 222 pages, rare b&w photos - Few records are as evocative of the rhythm and blues scene of the early 1960s as 'You Better Move On' by Arthur Alexander - even though it took The Rolling Stones to give the number its widespread appeal....

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Arthur Alexander: The Monument Years
Art-Nr.: CDCHD805

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(1965-72 'Monument') (77:39/28) In den Jahren 1965-72 entstandene Aufnahmen in seinem eigenwilligen Stil, einer Mischung aus Soul und Country Music / his songs were covered by the Stones and Beatles. Unique country-soul music.

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