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They didn't call Brenda Lee 'Little Miss Dynamite' for nothing. Despite her tender years, her pipes peeled paint on blistering rock'n'roll numbers, an array of them adorning Bear Family's reissue of her 1960 LP. This isn't a simple repro of the US or UK pressings; BF has reproduced an ultra-rare 10" Japanese pressing on coloured vinyl (limited to 1000). Brenda rips through Let's lump The Broomstick, Dynamite, Jambalaya, and That's All You Gotta Do, as well as her weepy smash I'm Sorry. There are two bonus items: One Step At A Time and St. Louis Blues.

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Brenda Lee (LP, 10inch, Ltd.)
Brenda Lee: Brenda Lee (LP, 10inch, Ltd.) Art-Nr.: BAF11016

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