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Doug Bragg And The Drifters

One of the more staunchly country artists in this collection, Bragg was a fairly big regional star in the middle '50s. One of the most popular acts on Dallas' famed Big 'D' Jamboree for several years, he signed briefly with Coral in 1955, but otherwise recorded for smaller labels -- he cut some sides for Dixie shortly before his first 'D' sessions, which were probably cut in Dallas and featured Bragg's own Drifters. These sides are classic honky-tonk-infused with a little edge and harder beat from rock 'n' roll -- but with fiddle (Bobby Tidwell) and steel (Frank White) still defiantly up front in the mix, alongside Earl Martin's lead guitar. If I Find My Dream Girl was one half of Bragg's first 'D' release, but the fine Don't Do That Again first saw the light of day on Bear Family's 'The Complete 'D' Singles, Volume 3' (BCD 15833) in 1999. Bragg was born in East Texas in 1928, and died there, in Tyler at 44 in 1973.

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Various - That'll Flat Git It!
Vol.19 - Rockabilly From The Vaults Of D & Dart Records (CD)

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