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Jack Clement

Whole Lotta Lookin'

Jack Clement

Whole Lotta Lookin'

(Jack Clement-Billy Riley)

47-7602; master: K2WB 1410

recorded July 2, 1959 (14:00-17:00) RCA Victor Studio, 1610 Hawkins Street, Nashville, Tennessee; Producer: Chester B. Atkins; with Jack Clement: vocal/banjo/leader; Walter L. 'Hank: 'Sugarfoot' Garland: guitar; Velma E. Williams Smith: guitar; Bob L. Moore: bass; Murray M. 'Buddy' Harman jr: drums; Dorothy Ann Dillard, Mildred 'Millie' Kirkham, Louis Dean Nunley, William Guilford Wright, jr: vocal chorus

This song and its companion, Edge Of Town(see Volume 2),come from Jack Clement's lost years.

Between late 1956 and 1959, he had been a producer, engineer, arranger, songwriter, song publisher, and artist at Sun Records. Then, in March 1959, he was dismissed. He invested his royalties from Ballad Of A Teenage Queen, Guess Things Happen That Way, It'll Be Me,and other songs he'd written into his own label, Summer Records. The previous year (while still under contract to Sun), he'd gone to RCA's Nashville studio to record a single for Sun's Phillips International subsidiary. At that session, he'd recorded Edge Of Town and Whole Lotta Lookin',but neither were released. Free of Sun, he returned to RCA Nashville as an artist while remaining in Memphis as a label owner and music man-about-town. Whole Lotta Lookin',co-written with Sun stablemate Billy Riley, became his first RCA single.

The record had the light, folky Kingston Trio sound, reinforced by the then-omnipresent banjo and a very full chorus. Around this time, Clement began hanging out at Echo Studios in Memphis (some reports say he was a co-owner), and he attracted several like-minded buddies including Dickey Lee and Allen Reynolds. They made a private record for a friend in the armed services, dubbing each other 'Cowboy.' The nickname stuck on Clement, and from that point he was Cowboy Jack. His story is picked up on Volume 2 of this series.


- Colin Escott -

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