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The Five Tinos

The Five Tinos stand virtually alone on Sun's release schedule confirming that doo wop was never a priority, nor a personal preference for Sam Phillips. The A-side of Sun 222 was clearly the mambo outing called Don't Do That. It could easily have appeared on a New York label and competed with groups like The Turbans, whose hit When You Dance was selling in respectable quantities.

It is unlikely that a collection of 'Sun Mambos' will ever appear, however, so we are concerned with the ballad flipside Sitting By My Window. It's not a particularly distinguished record, and is undoubtedly one of the least reissued of all Sun recordings. But it fits our purposes just perfectly. Backing the Tinos were a tight little studio group consisting of Calvin and Phineas Newborn on guitar and drums, respectively, Robert Garner on piano and Jewell Briscoe on tenor sax. The Tinos recorded a total of eight sides for Sun in two sessions. Somebody must have believed in them sufficiently to invest Sun's precious time and resources during a busy time in mid-1955.

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